On-line service offers job-hunting hints

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 20, 1999

A new state government program, OhioWorks.

Monday, September 20, 1999

A new state government program, OhioWorks.com is a web site job listing and resource for employment seekers and businesses across Ohio.

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"What’s really wonderful about the entire application is it’s absolutely free to everybody," said Riki Evans, an OhioWorks coordinator who presented details of the program to Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce members last week.

Also, chamber, Lawrence County Department of Human Services and workforce development officials have been through the training, Ms. Evans said.

The Internet application lists job market information, updated every 16 to 18 months, and provides tools like online resume-makers, she said.

OhioWorks is part of the state’s approach to boost employment rates in each county and deal with federal government mandates like Welfare to Work.

Once accessed, OhioWorks can lead future employees down the road to getting their first jobs, or can help them move up to better jobs, Ms. Evans said.

And don’t worry about the lack of Internet access.

For those without access, OhioWorks can be used at public libraries, job agencies and human services offices, she said.

The web site provides several kinds of information:

– Wages by occupation.

– Easy to understand data about specific occupations.

– Common hiring methods and trends.

– And links to transportation services, job training centers and child care providers.

Here’s how it works.

Log-on to the web site either as a job seeker or employee hunter.

Perform general searches about jobs available or about unemployed workers seeking specific positions.

The web site will ask job hunters for listings of personal goals, skills and needs.

The online resume-maker will ask about education, previous jobs, career goals, skills, desired wages and how to be contacted.

After matching your resume with job openings, OhioWorks also displays a skill gap analysis showing clearly where you need more training and providing links to such training.

Information employers might type in when looking for candidates includes typical duties, skill requirements, experience and education needs and salary ranges offered.

To visit OhioWorks, click on www.ohioworks.com.