Support Co-Op Club, help community

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 15, 1999

Many of you are probably already planning to attend this weekend’s Co-Operative Club Homes Tour and Craft Show.

Friday, October 15, 1999

Many of you are probably already planning to attend this weekend’s Co-Operative Club Homes Tour and Craft Show.

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There is no question that every year these ladies work hard to find some of the most beautiful homes and landmarks in the area, then donate their time as guides to make the day special for all those who pay the modest ticket price.

And, even if home decoration is not your cup of tea, there is always the Co-Operative Club’s annual Craft Show, which brings together crafters from all over the Tri-State.

Every year I go, I find something special for someone on my Christmas list – as well as a few cheery fall gifts for myself.

Admission to the show is very reasonable, $1, and well worth every penny.

But even as they enjoy one of the most famous weekends in Ironton’s year, some of the visitors probably don’t realize that the money they are giving to the club for their Homes Tour or Craft Show ticket is not just to make sure the expenses are paid for both events.

The Co-Operative Club uses the proceeds from events like these to fund the many good works projects its members do every year.

There are many charitable organizations in the community that are able to do what they do in part because of the gifts they receive from this dedicated group of ladies.

Some of them are longtime members of the group and have dedicated years and thousands of hours to making their community a better place.

Others are relatively new to their work, but equally dedicated to giving time they do not have to help others.

This is not a club that just talks about making a difference. Its members make sure they do.

They help children, adults and senior citizens. They are contributors to educational programs, youth activities and special projects for the needy.

And, even with all the other demands on their good works budget, the Co-Operative Club also supports the efforts of the Lawrence County Humane Society, making it possible for the group to help many abandoned and abused animals.

There are other groups around town with similar missions and although it is not their weekend, perhaps this is an appropriate place to honor their contributions to their city and county.

Without their dedication and selflessness, Ironton and Lawrence County would not be such strong communities.

So, if you have time this weekend, come down to Ironton High School and check out the craft show. Buy a nice Christmas gift or just enjoy a snack at the Co-Op Cafe.

The dollar you spend just might be helping your favorite charity, a family member, neighbor or friend.

And, even though Halloween is around the corner, what better way can you think of to get ready for the true season of giving and caring – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Renee Carey is the managing editor of The Ironton Tribune.