Faith inspires solo effort

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Beginning this week, fans of gospel singer Tony Dilley will be able to listen to his music in the comfort of their homes.

Tuesday, February 08, 2000

Beginning this week, fans of gospel singer Tony Dilley will be able to listen to his music in the comfort of their homes.

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A former member of New Live Quartet, the Noblemen Quartet, the Disciples and the Revelators is releasing his first solo album.

"I’m doing this for the love of the Lord," Dilley said. "I’ve done many other recordings in the past with other groups, but this is my first solo venture. I believe all of my personal friends – people who’ve known me for years – and Christians from various churches and beliefs will enjoy this."

Dilley performs southern gospel, he said.

"I try to make sure it’s scriptural music and it goes right according to God’s words."

His music also keeps up with modern times. Entitled "God in America Again," Dilley hopes his recording will reach out to troubled teens to help prevent a tragedy, such as the one in Columbine, from happening here.

"I feel there’s very much a moral deterioration in our country," Dilley said. "I feel like this song has a wonderful message to get people to realize that we need to abide by God’s rules and laws if we’re going to see things turn around and we can get back to where we love each other and we’re not so violent."

A musician by nature, Dilley grew up in a home filled with music and song which he wants to share with the world.

"My mother, Mary, and her brothers, Paul, Bob and Frank Houston, and my grandmother, Dorothy Houston Whitley, would sing around the old home on Pine Street in Ironton," Dilley said. "As my sisters and I got older, we would sing in area churches with my mom and many times my father, Bill Dilley, who was an ordained Baptist minister."

Dilley began his professional career at 16, when he joined the New Live Quartet.

"I was a sophomore at Rock Hill High School when I was approached by the New Live Quartet to sing for them," he said. "I’ve been very blessed to sing in a lot of different things over the years and to be able to sing around different states and in Canada with different groups."

Dilley’s recording will be available later this week for $5.

Interested people may contact Dilley for a copy at one of his local concerts, by phoning him at 532-5128, or by writing to 110 Private Drive 107, Ironton, Ohio 45638, Dilley said.

"As time goes on, I’ll be placing some around some of the religious bookstores," he said.

This recording would not be possible without the help of the community, and many friends, Dilley added.

"I recorded this in memory of my mother, who I lost just a little over a year ago," he said. "And I’ve thanked for support Jack Dennin, engineer and producer of the recording; Tawnya and Mark Bailey; and Bob and Rosalie Bailey. And I’m very much thankful for the support of my home church, Etna Missionary Baptist Church and pastor Steve Cook. This recording is also dedicated to my wonderful supportive family – Pennie and my sons, Scott and Kevin."