Businesses: New jobs will give city a boost

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Local business owners and managers say they are pleased to welcome Liebert Corp.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Local business owners and managers say they are pleased to welcome Liebert Corp. and the economic boost 150 jobs will give the community.

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But, 150 jobs is only a starting point to true economic recovery, said Lou Pyles, Ironton Business Association co-president.

"We can’t settle for 150 jobs. There is still much work to be done," Mrs. Pyles said. "We have to continue to work toward bringing new businesses into Ironton, but also to keep the businesses we have in the city growing."

But that doesn’t diminish excitement over Monday’s announcement that the Columbus-based computer technologies company will bring a manufacturing facility to the former Cabletron Systems Inc. building, however, she added.

"We’re very happy that there’s going to be new jobs in our community," she said. "It’s a starting over point again for our city and a blessing for the families who have lost their jobs. The main thing is, it’s bringing hope back to these families and back to the community."

The announcement brings hope to other businesses, as well. Dire sales predictions for the spring months are not quite as pessimistic now that jobs are on the way, Ames general manager Paul Goebel said.

"I’m sure (these new jobs) will help us once the company gets up and running and hires the people," Goebel said. "It’s always good to have jobs."

Goebel said that while winter sales were on track, the coming spring sales season has been a bit slow.

Those slower sales could be attributed, in part, to the job losses, both past and present. But, there are other factors as well, he added.

"Easter is one of the latest Easters we’ve had in a long time, so that could also be a factor," he said. "But it has been quiet."

Thoughts of 150 jobs this year in the city are a welcome change of pace for downtown Browse-A-Bit floral and boutique shop co-owner Jack Adkins.

"It’s such a relief to be able to see something show our town some interest," Adkins said. "As everybody knows, this area has so much to offer, as far as work force and opportunities. We have everything we need here to make a great place – all we need are the right breaks."

And, it looks like the lucky breaks are finally on the way, Adkins said.

"I think things are finally starting to fall into place for this city," he said.

But, like Mrs. Pyles, Adkins believes the work is far from over to make the city truly great once more. And that work starts here at home, he added.

"So many times we get in these ruts and take everybody and everything for granted," he said. "When that happens, we need to step back and look at everything we have to offer – such as the river, the fantastic hospital, the wonderful community –  and, instead of making that negative comment, share the good with others. That’s what makes good public relations, something that is important for all of us to do."

This announcement is merely the beginning of good things to come, Adkins said.

"This is a beautiful place; we’ve just got to get enough jobs back in the city to keep everyone here and it will happen," he said. "We’ve got good people working on it. When you get the state interested, good things happen."

New jobs are like a breath of fresh air coming into the community, Mrs. Pyles added. And, with new life breathed into the city, the positive energy generated will make a difference, she said.

"This is like a blessing for the city to help bring us back up," she said. "We’ve had several months of bad luck and it seems that luck is changing. We all need to keep working together and keep our spirits up and, hopefully, we’ll continue to see positive progress in the city."