Green leads All-SOC cage selections

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 12, 2000

If there was any doubt that the Green Bobcats were the Southern Ohio Conference Division I basketball champions, a quick look at the all-league team will confirm it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

If there was any doubt that the Green Bobcats were the Southern Ohio Conference Division I basketball champions, a quick look at the all-league team will confirm it.

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Green landed three players on the first team, two on the second team, and grabbed two individual awards.

Senior Chris Williams was Co-Player of the Year along with New Boston’s Chris McGraw. The Bobcats Kevin Lewis was voted the Coach of the Year.

Joining Williams on the first team were senior Michael Riffe and junior Alex Poe. On the second team were senior Kyle Darnell and junior Kyle Dyer.

The Symmes Valley Vikings junior center Justin Myers was a first team choice and senior Jeremy Copley was named second team.

In Division II, the Wheelersburg Pirates celebrated a league title with five All-SOC selections.

On the first team were sophomore Andrew Burleson, and seniors Jason Schmidt and Mike Yelley. Second team picks were senior Andy Gill and junior Geoff Givan.

Lucasville Valley’s Nolan Crabtree was the top player and Scott Lowe the best coach.

On the girls side, Green celebrated the girls title like the boys with five all-conference choices.

Senior Courtney Moore, junior Jennifer Cline, and sophomore Megan Tackett were on the first team while senior Jamie Hurst and junior Emily Horsley were second teamers.

Green’s Melissa Brown was voted the Coach of the Year.

Symmes Valley sophomore Renae Donahoe was a first team selection while sophomore teammate Keren Bell was on the second team.

Beaver Eastern’s Cindy Leach was the top player.

Wheelersburg senior Kristi Sisler was a first team pick and junior Emily Hehl second team.

Player of the Year went to Teresa Campbell of Waverly. Oak Hill’s Doug Hale and Waverly’s Steve Kitchen shared Coach of the Year.

All-Southern Ohio Conference

Division I Boys

First Team

Green: Chris Williams, Michael Riffe, Alex Poe; Eastern: Matt Hines, Dustin Salisbury; New Boston: Chris McGraw, T. J. Caldwell; Ports. Clay: Benji Richards: Ports. East: Dustin Walker; Symmes Valley: Justin Myers.

Second Team

Green: Kyle Dyer, Kyle Darnell; Symmes Valley: Jeremy Copley; Ports. Notre Dame: Doug Montavon, Nick Rutman, Andrew Graf; Eastern: Ryan Montgomery, Roberta Costa; Ports. Clay: Travis Kielmar; Ports. East: Matt Shaffer.

Player of the Year: Chris Williams, Green, and Chris McGraw, New Boston.

Coach of the Year: Kevin Lewis, Green.

Boys Division II

First Team

Wheelersburg: Andrew Burleson, Jason Schmidt, Mike Yelley; Waverly: Luke Lambert; Minford: Eli Parkes; Oak Hill: Nick Donley; Northwest: Ryan Mitchell; Lucasville Valley: Nolan Crabtree, Matt Keeney; Ports. West: Aaron Spencer; South Webster: Justin Lower.

Second Team

Wheelersburg: Andy Gill, Geoff Givan; Waverly: Brent Leffler; Minford: Aaron Montgomery; Oak Hill: Matt Thomas, James Brown; Northwest: Matt Yeager; Lucasville Valley: Nate Bukiewicz, Eric Mains; Ports. West: Adam Coleman; South Webster: Josh Horner.

Player of the Year: Nolan Crabtree, Lucasville Valley.

Coach of the Year: Soctt Lowe, Lucasville Valley.

Division I Girls

First Team

Symmes Valley: Renae Donahoe; Ports. Clay: Katie Hempill; Green: Megan Tackett, Jennifer Cline, Courtney Moore; Eastern: Cindy Leach, Brando Southworth; Ports. East: Sarah Conley; Ports. Notre Dame: Christy McGraw.

Second Team

Symmes Valley: Keren Bell; Green: Emily Horsley, Jamie Hurst; Ports. Clay: Emily Hempill; Eastern: Tabby King, Nikki Tackett; Ports. East: Kelli Day, Tracy Marsh.

Player of Year: Cindy Leach, Eastern.

Coach of the Year: Melissa Brown, Green.

Division II Girls

First Team

Wheelersburg: Kristi Sisler; Ports. West: Keri Bennett; South Webster: Lindsay VanDeusen; Lucasville Valley: Cassie McCoy; Minford: Erica Donahoe; Northwest: Jennifer Diehlman; Waverly: Teresa Campbell, Alesia Campbell, Jennifer Hutchinson; Oak Hill: Anna Ramey, Jenny Parker, Ashley Morgan.

Second Team

Wheelersburg: Emily Hehl; Ports. West: Jennifer Smith; South Webster: Abby Hughes, Brooke Hughes; Lucasville Valley: Beth Arrick; Minford: Amanda Porter; Northwest: Brandie Tackett; Waverly: Tiffany King, Courtney Gullion; Oak Hill: Stephanie Ruth, Marisa Davis.

Player of the Year: Teresa Campbell, Waverly.

Coaches of the Year: Steve Kitchen, Waverly, and Doug Hale, Oak Hill.