Dorado makes tourney work

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Sitting in his pew at St.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Sitting in his pew at St. Joseph Church, Dr. Pacifico Dorado listens to the sermon of Father Thomas Nau during the Sunday Mass.

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Suddenly, his beeper goes off. Patients’ needs have no time schedule. Dr. Dorado checks the call and he makes a premature exit.

If a patient’s schedule is beyond control, that means Dr. Dorado’s schedule is even worse because he has enough patient to fill a church.

And in the midst of all his work, Dr. Dorado still attempts to arrange his schedule in order to serve as special events chairman for the American Cancer Society Benefit Tennis Tournament.

There is no special thanks or monetary gain for Dr. Dorado. In this his 13th year, the only concern he has is to help the Ironton and surrounding area communities.

"This area we live in has a large cancer population," Dr. Dorado said. "Much of this money raised goes to service and education. That’s another reason to be proud of this event and lend support to it, because so many of our residents suffer from cancer. Even if they do not participate in the tournament they can still come by and lend support."

Support for the event had been substantial until the past few years. Last year only 80 participants registered to play, down from highs of 150.

Dr. Dorado knows there are some people who still support the event fervently, but he admits being downhearted after last year.

"We have people come in from all over like Gallipolis and Portsmouth. We even had players come in from Montana. This is one of the only events in Ironton to bring in folks from out of town," Dr. Dorado said.

"We need to be proud of this tournament. We should have better sponsorship from the Ironton community. Look at our sponsors and a good deal of them are from out of town."

Sponsorship for the tournament this year is coming from Dow Chemical, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, River Valley Health System, Cumberland Cardiology, Dr. Vinay Vermani, Spriggs Charitable Trust, Tri-State Regional Cancer Center, and Heritage Bank in Ashland, Ky.

Dr. Dorado said more help is needed.

"The nets here are not in very good shape. Ohio University is donating two new nets through the effort of Mary Virgin who is a tennis instructor at the University. Ashland Tennis Center is donating two used nets," said Dr. Dorado.

"I am involved with cancer patients all the time and the money we will raise will help bring much knowledge to those who need it. The money is important, but the knowledge is the most important thing we gain. The research and how it will impact life here is great."

Many people have been exposed to cancer personally or by someone close to them. Adding support to the tournament is something that Dr. Dorado said will benefit everyone.

"We have had Nobel Prize winners that were sponsored by the Cancer Society. That is knowledge that is imparted to doctors and worldwide research," said Dr. Dorado.

The tournament – in its 13th year – is being held April 28-29-30 at Beechwood Park and is in memory of A. G. "Sonny" Spriggs. Entry fee is $15 per person per event. For additional information, call Joyce Gannon at (740) 533-9274 or Dr. Dorado at (740) 532-6634.

Don’t worry. He’ll work you into his schedule.

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.