RVHS nurses honored for compassion, care

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 22, 2000

Patty Gleichauf, RN, has spent a lifetime surrounded by health care.

Monday, May 22, 2000

Patty Gleichauf, RN, has spent a lifetime surrounded by health care.

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As a child, she accompanied her father, Dr. Burton Payne, as he made house calls. Soon, the childhood wonder at her father’s healing touch and medical skills turned to a determination to help others, too.

As part of National Health Care Month, Mrs. Gleichauf is one of several nursing professionals honored by River Valley Health System in Ironton for their professionalism and caring.

"My interest in health care truly is family related," she said. "My grandfather, A.J. Payne, was a surgeon here, and I remember hearing him tell such wonderful stories about taking care of people. Of course, my father was a big influence, too."

But, the influence didn’t stop there.

Two of Mrs. Gleichauf’s aunts were nurses, and she recalled seeing one wear a nurse’s cape ­ a short, navy blue cape traditionally worn by nurses several decades ago.

"I really thought the cape was great," she said with a laugh.

She began her health care career in 1977 as a nurse’s aide at the former Lawrence County General Hospital. Soon, Mrs. Gleichauf knew she wanted more in-depth training, so she enrolled in nursing school at Mt. Carmel in Columbus. Within the next year, she was back home with her registered nurse diploma proudly in hand.

"My grandfather, father and aunts were always helping other people, and that warmed my heart when I saw people feeling better," she said. "It was a wonderful day when I became a registered nurse because my grandfather and dad always told me that nurses were special people."

Her first nursing experience was in obstetrics-gynecology, and she said there was tremendous joy at being present when new babies were born. However, once she married and began her own family, it became a challenge to juggle changing shift times with her personal duties.

"I always loved surgery in school, and I loved watching (the late) Dr. (Dean) Massie do C-sections. I was always impressed by his surgical skills," Mrs. Gleichauf said. "That’s why in 1983 I moved to surgery."

That love of surgery has continued to grow in the 17 years since then, and she gives credit to the "fine surgeons and nurses who have been my role models" at RVHS.

"Although the technology has changed drastically in surgery through the years, the goals are still the same ­ to restore health," Mrs. Gleichauf said. "The new technology has allowed us shorter hospital stays with the same end results, but the caring we as nurses give remains the same."

Since entering the nursing profession, she has seen an expanded role for nurses, but, Mrs. Gleichauf stressed, nurses never stop learning.

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