Remember reason for July 4 holiday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Today, we will light the barbecue grills.

Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Today, we will light the barbecue grills. We will string the volleyball nets. We will shake hands at reunions. We will watch as fireworks boom overhead, lighting up children’s eyes.

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Yet, will we remember? Will we recall those words that cried out independence from a scrap of parchment in 1776?

Too often we forget that the words liberty, freedom and inalienable rights have existed since their very natures were framed within the text of our Constitution soley because the heroes of this nation watched over them.

The founding fathers upheld them with their voices. Our veterans and those killed in action bled for them. Our elected leaders sacrifice much to protect them.

Our civic groups and churches keep their meaning alive through charity. Our teachers maintain their importance. Our neighbors and ourselves honor their meaning with every salute to the flag.

We owe many thanks for the liberties we enjoy. That should be as self evident as the truths borne by the Constitution.

So, today, take time to visit family. Hold picnics and celebrations. Watch the fireworks with amazement.

Independence Day is the perfect time to enjoy them – as long as we honor the freedom to do so, and remember the price that has been paid.