Committee continues search for OUSC dean

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 8, 2000

The search for a new Ohio University Southern Campus dean remains with a local committee but a replacement could come as early as September.

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

The search for a new Ohio University Southern Campus dean remains with a local committee but a replacement could come as early as September.

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"They received 87 applications but they have narrowed that a bit," said OUSC dean Dr. Bill Dingus, who is retiring this year.

The search is in the hands of a 12-member search committee, which involves faculty, OU administration and three local community members. – a move the retiring dean favors.

"I intentionally asked not to become involved," Dr. Dingus said. "It’s hard to turn loose, but it would be inappropriate for me to be in on the decision-making."

This is a wonderful community and it does have a good bit of representation on the search committee, Dr. Dingus said.

"I have full confidence in the committee," he said.

Once a decision has been made, however, Dr. Dingus will meet with the recruit about the campus dean’s duties, he added.

The decision-making process started in March, shortly after Dr. Dingus announced his retirement.

Ohio University advertised nationally, in both large metropolitan newspapers and higher education trade journals. Ohio University’s president of regional education, Dr. Charles Bird, Dr. Dingus and OUSC’s faculty chair formed the 12-member search committee and appointed Dr. Rebecca McNeer, an English professor who has taught at OUSC since 1974, to chair it.

Dr. Bird will help make the final decision once the search committee has narrowed its search further, his office reported Monday.

Dr. Bird is on vacation for the next two weeks and could not be reached for comment.

The committee reviewed applications as they arrived, then began intensive screenings after the June 30 application deadline, Dr. McNeer said last month. The committee expected to schedule interviews afterward.

The university would not release individual applicants’ names but said Dr. McNeer said the job posting had attracted many high-quality candidates.

Although Dr. Bird has the final say in choosing the new dean, committee members hope the decision will coincide with their recommendation, Dr. McNeer said.

"Hopefully, we can reach the same conclusion," she said.

Since the June 30 application deadline, the committee has continued to review applications.

"We have received a number of applications within the last week," Dr. McNeer said.

The committee also has discussed interview schedules, with hopes of finding a new dean in September, she said.

Interviews with are being held with the local faculty and staff, the local coordinating council of community advisers and administrative officials in Athens.

The committee anticipated scheduling to be difficult but were moving quickly, Dr. McNeer said.

Officials are hoping to place a new dean at OUSC by early September.