New science lab coming this fall

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 15, 2000

WILLOW WOOD – Dreama Ash cleaned around her computer keyboard Monday with an air of purpose.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

WILLOW WOOD – Dreama Ash cleaned around her computer keyboard Monday with an air of purpose.

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She’s excited. And ready.

"I enjoy teaching," the Symmes Valley fifth- and sixth-grade math teacher said.

"I’ve enjoyed the summer, too," she said. "But it’s going to be an exciting year here."

Symmes Valley Multi-Level principal Bob Harris could not agree more.

Except for one new seventh-grade math teacher, there are no staff changes planned for the school when students come back to class Aug. 21. But there are a few new classes they can look forward to taking, Harris said.

The school already teaches a math lab for eighth-graders. Now, seventh-graders can enjoy, and learn, in a new a science lab.

Students experiment, watch films and take other activities in the labs, a boost to the regular classrooms, Harris said.

"It’s more background so they can truly understand what they’re doing," he said.

District-wide, students can expect schedules, events and other school year standards to change little, superintendent Tom Ben said.

The office staffs have been working hard and things are ready, Ben said.

And teachers are getting enthusiastic about the first days of instruction time, he said.

For parents who want to know more specifically about what’s going on this school year, the multi-level and the high school will host open houses Thursday, 6-8 p.m., at each school.

Everyone’s invited and students will get the chance to see the schools, whether it’s their first time or they’re seniors, Ben said.

High school principal Tom Bartee agreed, adding that the open house is helpful to freshmen.

"They can meet with teachers, pick up schedules for the year and get a feel of the high school," he said.

Students can also pay fees during the high school’s open house.

There are few changes in store for high school students, as well, Bartee said.

But there will be new applied math and integrated science courses, offering more hands-on instruction, to meet the school’s continuous improvement plans, he said.

Practical application aids learning and the retention of the knowledge learned, he said.

The staff plans to make it an exciting year for high-schoolers, Bartee said.

"We’ve been working for quite a few weeks and we feel like we’re ready to start ringing the bells," he said. "We had a banner year last year in academics, sports, attendance Our challenge now is to do even better."

One thing’s for sure, Mrs. Ash said.

It’s time to get going with the new school year.

"You’re continually thinking of ways to improve," she said, but offered a few tips for those coming back to the hallways next week.

"Once you get the love of learning, it stays with you," Mrs. Ash said.

And, both student and teacher should be willing to try new things and be enthusiastic, she said.

"The kids will enjoy it as much as you do that way."