Fairland targets building plan

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 18, 2000

ROME TOWNSHIP – Fairland Local School District aims to complete school construction by Nov.

Friday, August 18, 2000

ROME TOWNSHIP – Fairland Local School District aims to complete school construction by Nov. 2001, a move that will dominate activities this school year.

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Classes begin Monday at Fairland High School, Fairland West Middle School and Fairland East Elementary. And, the construction of a new high school and the renovation of the three existing school buildings will keep going.

"Children will utilize what we’re building now for the next 40 years," superintendent Jerry McConnell said. "That’s why we’re spending so much time and effort on the project to make it available as soon as possible."

District residents are paying $4 million to match $27 million the state will provide for the projects.

High school principal Eddie Capper said staff members keep track of their new building’s construction just about every day.

"It’s beginning to take shape a little bit," Capper said.

Everybody’s looking forward to the new ideas and new energy it will bring, he added.

This school year also brings some new ideas at the high school, Capper said.

Cisco training, where students receive training in computer networking, is one of the added classes, taught by Roni Hayes.

New art classes will be taught this year by Amy Lewis, using computers and video equipment.

New high school teachers include choir instructor Debbie Bradley, math teacher Misty Tyler, returning physics and chemistry teacher Ron King and physical education teacher Jane Mains.

Capper said the school will maintain its traditional seven periods, with no schedule changes.

The district expects to receive bids on actual building construction by the end of September, McConnell said.

"We have that to look forward to but everything else is business as usual," he said.

School officials discussed how construction will affect plans at each building during Thursday’s in-service day, McConnell said.

Some construction will affect parking at Fairland West. Construction has begun at Fairland East. Plans there call for a new gym, computer room, library, roof and other improvements.

As some of the work progress, the district will have to make changes to such things as what entrances and exits parents and buses use, but the district will make announcements on those changes throughout the year, McConnell said.

"We’re planning to have a lot of community interaction between ourselves and students," he said.

District principals, teachers and other staff are ready for the new school year, McConnell added.

"We’re looking forward to it, frankly," he said. "Teachers hired this summer have been working with us for the last few weeks and there are new programs."

One of those programs is 21st Century grant funding for afterschool work in September.

Schools plan to offer about three hours after school for students to not only work on proficiency skills but become involved in various enrichment activities such as soccer and music, McConnell said.

The schools have also been fine tuning the curriculum over the summer, making several additions in the technology areas, he said.