Smith’s passing holds key for Pointers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 21, 2000

SOUTH POINT – Through four games, South Point Pointers quarterback Jarrod Smith has put up some big numbers.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

SOUTH POINT – Through four games, South Point Pointers quarterback Jarrod Smith has put up some big numbers.

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But there’s only one number that means anything to him.

"I just want to win," Smith said.

If the Pointers are going to win and contend for the Ohio Valley Conference title, Smith will have to put up comparable numbers the rest of the season.

Smith, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound senior, has completed 28 of 58 passes for 453 yards and six touchdowns. Last season, he was 65-of-137 for 982 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Those kind of numbers could make Smith an attractive college prospect. Smith has a wish list that includes West Virginia, Tennessee, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, and James Madison. Smith doesn’t really have much of a preference which school or schools makes him an offer.

"I want to go to school. I’d like to play at a D-1 (Division I) school, but 1-AA or Ivy League will be all right with me," Smith said.

Getting to the next level takes a lot of work, and that’s something that Smith has never shied away from during his high school career.

"Every day I lift and throw and run," Smith said. "In the summer, I get with some of the receivers and throw 200 balls or more a day. All I do is throw."

A major influence on Smith’s game comes from former South Point quarterback Rusty Smith, who just happens to be Jarrod’s father.

"Dad’s taught me the drills. He’s taught me everything I know," Jarrod said.

Not only has dad schooled his son, Rusty made sure Jarrod attended various quarterback camps during the summer including the University of Tennessee.

Jarrod said the camps proved very beneficiary.

"Reading defenses is the main thing I learned at camp and foot work," Jarrod said.

Pointers first-year head coach Brent Terry said Jarrod knowledge of the game are major assets to his overall game.

"Jarrod has such a strong arm. He has the ability to drop back and hang in the pocket and throw the ball down the field," Terry said.

"He’s real intelligent. He’s taken a good grasp of the offense. He does a good job with his reads. And when Jarrod scrambles, he scrambles to buy time and move himself around and find an open receiver. He’s not looking to make first downs on his feet. His eyes are downfield, and that’s not easy to do."

Jarrod only plays quarterback. Terry not only wants to rest his key offensive weapon, but he wants to limit the chances of an injury.

But Terry said Jarrod is tough enough to play defense and he exhibits that toughness on offense.

"The next biggest thing about Jarrod is he’s mentally tough. Nothing shakes him. You’re goign to have some interceptoins as much as we throw the ball, but it doesn’t bother him," Terry said.

Smith’s numbers this season include three interceptions. He had 12 last year, but Terry said those numbers are the result of throwing the ball so often.

"Anytime you throw the ball as much as we do, you’re going to have some interceptions, and he’s willing to step up and put it on the line. He doesn’t let it bother him. You can’t shake his confidence," Terry said.