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Auction to benefit museum

Bargain hunters and antique collectors should mark their calendars for Saturday.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Bargain hunters and antique collectors should mark their calendars for Saturday.

That’s when members of the Lawrence County Historical Society will auction off furnishings from a house that was donated to them.

Located at 708 S. Second St., the house was built in 1888 by Martin Schreiber for his daughter, Clara. The elder Schreiber built the First Presbyterian Church of Ironton.

The property was previously owned by Bernard Massie. When he died, his grandchildren gifted the property, along with two houses on either side of it and a coach house behind it, to the historical society.

Although most of the furnishings will be used in the Lawrence County Museum, those that the historical society couldn’t use will be sold in the auction.

"We’re keeping things of significant historical value to Ironton for the museum," said Virginia Bryant of the Lawrence County Historical Society.

Some of the items include a treadle sewing machine, antique trunks, glassware, china, board games and modern and antique tools and furniture.

The Historical Society had planned to use the proceeds to restore the home, but plans for the new Ironton-Russell Bridge have put that on hold.

"One of the possible routes for the bridge would come through the house," Mrs. Bryant said. "Our plans are on hold until the decision comes down as to the location of the Ironton-Russell bridge. "

If a new bridge route is chosen and the home stands, the Lawrence County Museum will restore the house and use it for museum exhibits and storage.

"We have more artifacts than we can show at the museum, and we’re always looking for more," Mrs. Bryant said. "We need more exhibit and storage space."

The auction begins at 10:30 a.m.