Jeweler celebrates 70th anniversary

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 2, 2000

Diamonds are forever, as the old saying goes.

Monday, October 02, 2000

Diamonds are forever, as the old saying goes.

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And Allyn’s Jewelers is on its way to match that credo as it celebrates 70 years of doing business in Ironton.

The downtown jewelry store began with auction crier Ted Allyn and a closeout of another jewelry store, owner Tom Allyn said.

The elder Allyn came to Ironton to conduct the auction for the closing of a jewelry store on Center Street, Allyn said.

When the auction was over, he bought the remaining stock and started a store for himself, he said.

"This was in the middle of the depression," Allyn said. "Dad didn’t have any money, so he borrowed $500 from his father to get started. At the time, it was a risky venture."

The store has seen many changes over the years.

Allyn’s Jewelers moved in 1954 from Center Street to Third and Park. It’s now located at Second and Adams streets. The nature of the business also has changed, Allyn said.

"When I started in the business in 1958, we used to offer a bridal registry with all manner of small electrical appliances, like toasters," he said. "Mass merchandisers have changed all that. In addition, people’s tastes have changed. No one wants to clean silver anymore. Now, they buy stainless steel."

Although Allyn’s now deals mostly with jewelry and gemstones, they still offer a few giftware items. The most popular items are clocks, candles, crystal and brass, he added.

Allyn said that he has many fond memories wrapped up in Allyn’s Jewelers, but his favorite is working alongside his father, Ted, who passed away in 1984.

"Dad and I used to go to New York on buying trips," Tom said. "It was quite an experience."

Allyn’s celebrates its anniversary through the month of October. The store will hold a sale and numerous giveaways.

Allyn said that there will be a new giveaway each week, starting with a lady’s 1-carat diamond ring.

In successive weeks, the store will also give away a man’s diamond ring, a Black Forest cuckoo clock and a 14-karat gold wristwatch.