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Local students get ready for Eddy test

Thirty-eight city students will grab a pencil in two days and take a test.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Thirty-eight city students will grab a pencil in two days and take a test.

And this one’s not a proficiency exam – it’s the annual Child Welfare Club event that will mark the first scholars of the year.

Club members have announced candidates for the 2001 Eddy Test, a scholastic achievement test for selected Ironton Middle and St. Lawrence schools.

The actual test is only two days away.

To be eligible, students must do well on the Ohio Off-Grade Proficiency Tests. Standard scores in reading, math, citizenship and science were totaled and ranked at the test’s completion.

At St. Lawrence School, the complete composite score of any nationally norm standardized test determines eligibility, and the composite score must include all core class subjects.

The top 25 percent of sixth-grade students from both Ironton Middle School and St. Lawrence School as of the end of the first semester are eligible to take the Eddy Test.

The students will grab their pencils and take the test Thursday. Students in the top one-third of all Eddy Test participants will receive an Eddy Award at a banquet later this year.

The Child Welfare Club’s 2001 Eddy Test participants include:

– St. Lawrence School: Clayton Crum, son of Steve and Gina Cielec of Ironton and Ron Crum of Grayson, Ky.; Lindsay Dressel, daughter of Bill and Joey Dressel; Ryan Schwab, son of John and Tammy Schwab; and Sophie Schwab, daughter of Tom Schwab and Kim Schwab.

– Ironton Middle School: Frankie Artis, son of Anne Artis; Allie Bollinger, daughter of Mark and Tammy Bollinger; Mandi Boykin, daughter of Jami Boykin; Kayla Brislin, daughter of Sharon Brislin; Chelsea Denise Cleary, daughter of Bob and Cheryl Cleary; Taylor Clemons, son of Elizabeth Clemons; Andy Colegrove, son of Jim and Rhonda Colegrove; Robbie Downs, son of Andrea Downs and Jim Downs; Josh Dyer, son of Jim and Jodi Dyer; William E. Haney, son of Christina Haney and Ed Nelson; Brandon Heighton, son of Scott and Penny Heighton; Nathan Herrell, son of Kim Herrell and Steve Carpenter; Shane Jones, son of Shawn and Patty Jones; Ashley N. Kinney, daughter of Anthony and Sharon Kinney; Lauren Knipp, daughter of Anthony and Jan Knipp; Jesse LaSalle, son of Kathleen LaSalle; Jeff Lawless, son of Jeff and Lana Lawless; Shante Lewis, daughter of Albert D. King III and grandmother Jackie King; Krista Markel, daughter of Karen and David Markel, Brandon McBride, son of Mike and Kristi McBride; Madison McDaniels, daughter of Michael McDaniels; Jennifer Mongold, daughter of Ed and Bobbie Mongold; Joshua William Morgan, son of Mike Morgan and Tammy Gill; Donald Newsome, son of Nancy Newsome; Joseph C. Pauley, son of Miss Cheryle Pauley; Michael Preston, son of Mike and Deanna Preston, and Deborah Payne; Megan Roberts, daughter of Kevin and Shawn Roberts; Joshua Ross, son of Tammie Massie; Tym Vandermosten, son of Dwayne and Kim Summers; Madison Vogelsong, daugthter of Tammy and Dave Vogelsong; Jenna Waldo, daughter of Kevin and Rayetta Waldo; Rachel Walker, daughter of Treva and Jim Walker; Tiffany West, daughter of Deborah West and the late Hobert West; Kimmi Zimmermandaughter of Marian and Terry Layne.