Scott resigns from council

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Jeremy W. Schneider

In a letter addressed to council chair Jim Tordiff, councilman Hugh D.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

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In a letter addressed to council chair Jim Tordiff, councilman Hugh D. Scott tendered his resignation from the Ironton City Council Tuesday.

In the letter, Scott thanked fellow councilmen, Mayor Bob Cleary and the public for "allowing me the opportunity to be a public servant for the people, by the people."

Scott cited "personal stress and family problems" in the letter as reasons for leaving city government.

Scott wrote, "Due to personal stress and family problems that will hinder me from totally focusing on the duties of council, I, Hugh D. Scott hereby resign from my duties as Ironton City Councilman effective immediately."

According to the Ironton City Charter, Section 2.05, council as a whole must fill the position within 30 days of the resignation. If council doesn’t fill the position within 30 days, then the mayor is required to fill the vacant seat. The appointed member fills the seat for the unexpired term until the next general election, which will be this November. Whomever is appointed to the position must seek re-election in November if he or she wishes to keep the council position. If Scott would have remained on council, his term would have expired this year.

Council meets Thursday in a regular meeting, and there are speculations that it will meet in executive session then to begin discussing Scott’s replacement.

Council chairman Jim Tordiff said, "I think we need to act as quickly as we can to fill the vacancy."

During their search for a replacement, Tordiff said council will need to find someone that can bring some expertise on matters facing the city.

"I would prefer looking for someone with a strong financial background that’s where most of the city’s issues centers around."

Telephone calls to Scott’s home were unanswered.