Groups plan events for this Earth Day

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 16, 2001

Cleanups at Lake Vesuvius and at least one county road are planned for this weekend’s Earth Day festivities.

Monday, April 16, 2001

Cleanups at Lake Vesuvius and at least one county road are planned for this weekend’s Earth Day festivities.

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The Forest Service, in partnership with the Ohio University Southern Campus Nature Center, will hold "Sweep Into Spring" at Lake Vesuvius April 21.

The Lawrence County Recycling and Litter Prevention Program, operated by the Lawrence County CAO, is sponsoring this year’s Earth Day Neighborhood Cleanup on County Road 103 (Ellisonville Ridge Road) in Upper and Elizabeth townships on April 21 beginning at 9 a.m.

Both events celebrate Earth Day on that day.

Earth Day was started on April 22, 1970, as a way to create an awareness about the environment, said Wilma Boggess, information specialist at the Ironton ranger station.

"We would like to invite people of all ages to come out to Lake Vesuvius and carry on the tradition of Earth Day," Ms. Boggess said.

Individuals, clubs and families can participate in litter pick-up patrols, the OUSC Nature Center season opening, interactive displays about our environment, games, music and a hot dog lunch, she said.

Lake Vesuvius was drained in January to get ready for the upcoming dam construction work.

"As the water level dropped, we found there was a lot of trash and debris on the lake bottom," Ms. Boggess added. "With the lake drained, we can start to clean-up the trash and help restore beauty to this wonderful lake."

The event will kick off at the Furnace Shelter at 9 a.m. People wanting to participate in the litter pick-up patrols will then be split up to cover different parts of the shoreline. Participants should bring a pair of gloves, and should wear sturdy footwear. Litter pick-up patrols will return to the Furnace Shelter by noon for a hot dog lunch.

For those not interested in taking part in the litter pick-up patrols, other activities will be ongoing throughout the morning:

– The OUSC Nature Center will host an open house and displays. The Lawrence Soil and Water District staff will be available to demonstrate their "Streamulator" and "Envirothon" displays.

– Other things of interest to people will include a visit from Smokey the Bear, a "Litter Bingo" game, and possibly some live music.

Individuals and families who would like to participate in the "Sweep Into Spring" event need to fill out a preregistration form prior to April 16. These forms are available at the Ironton Ranger District office on Ohio 93, the OUSC main office, and the Briggs Public library in Ironton.

The Recycling and Litter Prevention Program cleanup was requested by residents of County Road 103 due to the severe litter and open dumping that has occurred in the area, said Doug Cade, director of special projects at the CAO.

Volunteers are needed in collecting the litter along this county roadway and illegal dumpsites on public right-of-way.

"Earth Day is a great way to show that you care about keeping the County and your neighborhood free from litter and unsightly illegal dumpsites," Cade said. "The residents of Ellisonville Ridge have shown a keen interest in seeing that their neighborhood is an attractive place to live and keeping it free of illegal dumping and littering."

Volunteers can meet at the intersection Porter Gap Road (County Road 21) and Ellisonville Ridge Road (County Road 103) at 9 a.m. on April 21 to join in on the cleanup activities. For more information, contact Diana Turley at 532-3534, ext. 205.