Band members take their ‘Last Chantz’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 1, 2001

ARABIA – Members of the local band "Last Chantz" are starting to reap the benefits of hard work tempered with a dose a fun.

Sunday, July 01, 2001

ARABIA – Members of the local band "Last Chantz" are starting to reap the benefits of hard work tempered with a dose a fun.

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The four-member group, consisting of lead guitarist James Myers; bassist Shawn Myers; vocalist Ryan Myers and drummer Shawn McComas, is a band composed of a group of neighbors looking for a way to enjoy music and have fun.

The name for the band, said Ryan, comes from an off-handed comment he made to someone. He said, "if we’re going to put a band together, this is our last chance," and the name stuck – with a little variation.

Although the band is in its infancy – having just formed in early September – it is starting to make its rounds on the circuit.

Band member Shawn Myers said the band plays different styles of music, meeting the request of listeners and band members’ personal taste.

"We play everything from A to Z. We started by picking the songs we like," Myers said. "We have over 100 songs worked up for just about any occasion we can play for a long time," he added.

He said the band started building its musical selections based on requests from the public. He said if band members don’t know how to play a song, then they will learn to play the selection for future performances.

Band members not only perform cover songs, but have developed about four of their own. Myers said the band has just recently had the songs copyrighted and will begin to cut an album in the near future.

Last Chantz has taken their music out of Arabia and on the road – touring the local bar and club venues.

Myers said bookings have come from one of the most common forms in the entertainment industry – word of mouth. This summer, the group will spread their wings with bookings at clubs a little farther from home.

The group will perform at clubs in Oak Hill, Huntington, W.Va., Slocum, and Racine, just to name a few of the venues slated for the summer. He said the group is going to tour a wider radius to help "get our name out." He said the band has also been offered to play at some clubs in Lexington, Ky., and in Detroit, Mich., but the band probably won’t venture that far from home – yet. The group will also perform back on its home turf in Arabia, performing at C&C’s Grocery.

Myers said despite the hard work, time and money that goes into keeping the band on the road, all of the band members say it’s worth it.

Myers said the band keeps to one simple focus, "we like to go out, have fun and entertain people."