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Wearing the crown of queen …

ROME TOWNSHIP – The crown and sashes were just awarded Monday, but the the 2001 Lawrence County Fair Queen and court still had much to do at the fair Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

ROME TOWNSHIP – The crown and sashes were just awarded Monday, but the the 2001 Lawrence County Fair Queen and court still had much to do at the fair Tuesday.

They are all visible at the fair. Tuesday afternoon queen Bethany Cooke was handing out ribbons and trophies at the market rabbit show, first runner-up Erica Burroughs was showing her rabbit and second runner-up Carrie Collier was in the stands watching. Cooke and Collier also are involved in animal shows this year. Cooke showed two horses Saturday, and Collier will compete in the market lamb show Wednesday.

Running for fair queen was just another of their involvements in the annual fair, and they all had reasons for running.

Burroughs said she ran because she wanted a have a new experience and the opportunity to represent her community.

Collier, who had watched candidates when she was young, looked at them as role models.

"I wanted to be the same for younger girls," she said.

And Cooke did not decide to run just yesterday.

"I’ve wanted to be fair queen since I was little," she said.

Now that she has achieved her goal, Cooke said she is enjoying the opportunity to interact with other 4-H members. She added that they learn from each other during the many events of the fair.

"It’s fun," Cooke said, adding that as queen she has met many interesting people.

Gesturing around the arena filled with 4-H members, Cooke said, "If I had the chance I would tell all these girls to run."

Collier also said she encourages others to run and try to be a representative of the county.

They seemed to vividly remember the details of the contest and the nervousness they felt.

Burroughs called it "nerve-racking."

Cooke agreed, saying that the wait for the announcement of the winners seemed to take a long time.

However, when Collier reflected on the contest, she also said that seeing all her friends from 4-H sitting in the stands made her feel good about their support.

Cooke is a senior at South Point High School. She is president of the Whippoorwill 4-H Club, which she has been involved in for nine years. She has also been showing horses for five years. Cooke is a member of the PRIDE team, youth choir, ladies ensemble, Key Club and Spanish Club. She plans to attend Marshall University and prepare for a business and marketing career.

Burroughs is a junior at South Point High School. She is a six-year member of 4-H and has involved in her church youth group. At school she is a member of the ladies ensemble and the French, Drama and Glee clubs.

Collier, a 19-year-old resident of Kitts Hill, is a sophomore at Ohio University and is the county coordinator for the Lawrence County OhioReads program through the county’s Educational Services Center. She is a graduate of Rock Hill High School and a member of the Mamre Baptist Church. She has been involved in 4-H for 11 years.

All three said that running for fair queen and being chosen for the court was exciting and fun.