Police seeking bridge jumper’s identity

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2001

Saturday, July 28, 2001

Footprints on the bridge railing and a pack of Marlboro cigarettes are the only links police and rescuers have to a man who jumped from the Ironton-Russell, Ky., bridge last night.

Police and rescue crews from Ohio and Kentucky spent last night searching the Ohio River for the body of a man who jumped from the Ironton-Russell Bridge.

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Private citizens and crews from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Marine Patrol, Worthington Fire Department, Ironton Police Department, Russell Police Department and Russell Fire Department searched the river for the man’s body.

According to Ironton Police Chief Bill Garland, a call was received at about 9:30 informing police a man was on the bridge and was "going to jump." According to information from the Russell Police Department, Lawrence County Assistant Prosecutor Mac Anderson called IPD dispatchers when he saw the man jump.

An IPD officer responded to the scene but before the officer was able to reach the man he plunged into the river – a distance of about 36 feet.

According to information gathered from witnesses, the man had long, dark hair and was wearing a black t-shirt with some type of writing. He was also wearing black jeans, a dark blue baseball cap and black tennis shoes.

Police officers from both Russell, Ky. and Ironton haven’t been able to confirm the identity of the jumper. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Russell, Ky., Police Department.

Rescue crews from Russell will resume the search tomorrow.