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Council recommends bridge placement

Although it’s not a bridge linking downtown Ironton with downtown Russell, Ky.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Although it’s not a bridge linking downtown Ironton with downtown Russell, Ky., Ironton City Council has recommended a placement for the proposed Ironton-Russell Bridge replacement

Council accepted the public utilities committee’s recommendation to accept alternative B/C-3C as an acceptable bridge placement position – although some council members feel cheated by ODOT because the bridge isn’t going to link the two downtown districts.

Ironton Council held that position until council members realized they were at a stalemate with Russell Council. Although the proposed placement passed unanimously, council members still feel the downtown-to-downtown placement is the best alternative.

Councilman Leo Ulery said it "seems wrong if it’s Ohio’s money building the bridge…and Kentucky is telling us where" to build the bridge. He added "the State of Ohio ought to build where we want it."

Councilman Richard Price echoed Ulery’s position, stating that he feels like council is being "held hostage" by Kentucky. Price said he feels ODOT wasn’t listening to Ironton’s position as much as the department was listening to Kentucky’s proposal.

Alternative B/C-3C will keep Second Street open with traffic moving as it is, but closing Jefferson and Madison streets to through traffic from Campbell and Second streets.

Councilman Jesse Roberts said council’s resolution will be forwarded to ODOT today. He said although ODOT officials said alternative B/C-3C is still subject to some tweaking, council is adamant that South Second and Campbell streets and the railroad crossing must remain open.