Hopefuls file election petitions

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 24, 2001

Thirteen city residents will become challengers this fall for seats on Ironton City Council.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Thirteen city residents will become challengers this fall for seats on Ironton City Council.

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The council race highlights this year’s November General Election – which also features village councils, school boards and boards of trustees races across the county.

On the Ironton Council, four seats are up for re-election – those held by Brent Pyles (seat formerly held by Hugh Donald Scott), Jim Tordiff, Leo Ulery and Bob Vaughn.

John W. Elam, William Brent Pyles, Leo M. Ulery, Larry Jewell, David Richard Massey, Robert Isaac, James Ray Ridgeway, Jim Tordiff, Robert Smith and Raymond Franklin Murphy have filed in that race.

One unexpired term (currently held by Richard Price) is also up for grabs, which is a separate race and requires a separate petition.

Richard B. Price, Bob Vaughn and Hilda Davidson have filed in that race.

Petitions of all races will be checked by the Lawrence County Board of Elections and finalized during the board’s Aug. 29 meeting.

Here’s the unofficial list of all those who have filed for election, gathered from Board of Elections records just after Thursday’s filing deadline (numbers in parentheses indicate number of seats open):



– Aid (2): Patty Shipley, John Robinson, Greg Ralph.

– Decatur (2): Ralph E. Cox, Emory McFann, Garrett McFann, Kenneth Jiles, Charles Norris, James McGuire.

– Elizabeth (2): Ron Davis, Ricky Markel, Roy Mullins, Charles E. Maynard, James W. Reidel.

– Fayette (2): Perry Brock, Terry F. Wise, Les York, Frank Thacker.

– Hamilton (2): Bob Blankenship, Vic Hopper, Clifford R. Russell, Bill Goff, Jim Milleson, John Gagai.

– Lawrence (2): Alvin Harper Jr., Kenneth Luke Everhart, Marion Thomas Crabtree Jr., Chaunchey M. Neal Jr.

– Mason (2): Justin Simpson, David L. Wilson, Jerry R. Blakeman, Charles Ray Self, Charles Pinkerman.

– Perry (2): Leland K. Fulks, John Waller, Allan Blankenship, Bill Allen, Tom Gillenwater, Tim Sark.

– Rome (2): Dean Cooper, Phillips Ash, J.B. Finlay, Mark Bailey.

– Symmes (2): Ronald Hatfield, Kenneth Boggs, Donald L. Myers, Scott Wilson, Todd Smathers.

– Union (2): David Leffingwell, James T. Smith, Rick Gue, Mike Curry.

– Upper (2): Robert Ackerman, Charles Rowe, Philip Staton, Lawrence (Lindsey) Pemberton.

– Washington (2): Jerry E. Kelly, David E. Horner.

– Windsor (2): Albert Childers, Noah Henson, Jerry D. Ellis, Donald Adkins.



– City of Ironton Council (4+1): John W. Elam, William Brent Pyles, Leo M. Ulery, Larry Jewell, Richard B. Price (unexpired term), David Richard Massey, Robert Isaac, Bob Vaughn (unexpired term), James Ray Ridgeway, Jim Tordiff, Hilda Davidson (unexpired term), Robert Smith, Raymond Franklin Murphy.

– Athalia Council (4): Gary Simpson, Melanie Blazer, Roger D. Camp, Barbara J. Ward.

– Chesapeake Council: John W. Ransbottom, Kenneth Wolfe, Richard Stover, Paul E. Hart, Larry Estep, Scott Taylor.

– Coal Grove Council (4): Kenneth J. Pyles, Larry McDaniel, Randall Wise, Joe Ross, William Bryant.

– Hanging Rock Council (4): Jarrod Robinson, Jeanette Waginger, David Davidson, Michael D. Chatfield.

– Proctorville Council (4): Richard Johnson, Raymond W. Shephard, Tommy J. Willis, Bill Elliott, Rose Holland, Grover Cox, Diana Lynn Clagg.

– South Point Council (4): Robert Armstrong, David Classing, Ronald L. West, Harry Parks, Danny Smith, Roger Watkins.



– Lawrence County Educational Service Center (3): Phillip Carpenter, Roland S. Hayes, Ray Malone.

– Chesapeake (2): Thomas D. Curry, Rusty Marcum, Dan Jeffers.

– Fairland (3): Charles Workman, Lester R. Brumfield Jr., Donald R. Pruitt, Jim Lafon, Iva Jean Willis, Scott Wilson, Ted E. Edwards, Larry Maynard.

– Ironton (2): Shawn E. Osborne, Jeffrey L. Handley, Teresa Parker, Steven C. Harvey, William Hannon.

– Dawson-Bryant (3): Sadie Mulkey, Debbie Drummond, Les Boggs, Tim Barnett.

– Rock Hill (2): Troy Hardy, Wanda Jenkins, John Roy Floyd.

– South Point (2): Eric Edwards, Larry Musick, Glenn Adkins, John Sherman, Glendal Seagraves, Darin Dillon, Jim Scherer, Fred Clay.

– Symmes Valley (3): Jeffrey W. Floyd, Wayne L. Taylor, Mike Wall, Billie M. Barbour, Tommie Ray Hardy, Kent Wells.



– Proctorville: renewal for current expenses, 2.5 mills.

– Proctorville: fire levy renewal, 1.5 mills.

– City of Ironton: income tax levy, 1.45 percent.