Vinton County opponent for Rock Hill

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2001

PEDRO – Bob McCollister has seen this team before.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

PEDRO – Bob McCollister has seen this team before. In fact, he sees it every day in practice.

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McCollister, the head coach of the Rock Hill Redmen, said he has seen the Vinton County Vikings before, virtually in his own team.

"With Vinton County, you’re always going to get a tough, physical game. They’re similar to our kids. This will be one of those rock ’em, sock ’em games," McCollister said. "They’re young like we are. They’re starting a number of young kids just like we are and they’re going through growing pains like we are."

The growing pains or mistakes plagued the Redmen last week as they saw a 20-7 lead with nine minutes to play evaporate and become a 21-20 Northwest win.

"It’s an old cliche, but the team that wins will end up being the team that makes the fewest mistakes," McCollister said.

Vinton County is coming off a 45-8 setback at the hands of South Point. McCollister hopes the Vikings lopsided loss and the way the Redmen played will create a positive approach for his team.

"Both teams are going to be trying to bounce back," McCollister said. "Our guys were pleased with how they played in terms of effort. They knew as well as I did that we should have won. We had 380 total yards, and when you have 380 total yards you should win."

Rock Hill will need to shut down the Vinton County offense which is led by fullback Shane Huntley, tailback J. D. Caster, and quarterbacks Josh Ruckell and Chris Bethel.

"Their tailback is a pretty good athlete and they always have a big, hard-running fullback. You always have to respect them running right at you because they have big kids and they always play hard," McCollister said.

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. at Redmen Stadium.