Boaters want to take over marina

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 26, 2001

Ironton may not be in the marina business for long.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Ironton may not be in the marina business for long.

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At least that’s what Jim Albrink of the newly formed Storms Creek Marina Management Group wants. Albrink sent a letter to the mayor last Saturday, the day after the group held its first meeting.

In the letter to the mayor and council, Albrink said the group was looking to work on a management bid to take control of the marina’s operation from the city. The regained control over the marina earlier this year when the lease with the former operators, Jack and Jenny Hagar, expired.

Albrink met with council at last night’s meeting to let council know the group is interested in taking over the management of the area.

Albrink said the group wants to manage the area from the boater’s point of view. He said city officials were busy with "other city problems" and boaters felt they could manage the area.

Councilman Jesse Roberts said he was interested in the city finding someone to manage the property and added he didn’t want the city "in the marina business in the first place."

The city took over during the boating season but there have been problems collecting money from boaters renting slips.

City accounting shows 15 people still owe the city money. That equals $2,094 in lost revenue – almost half of the money collected by the city in slip rentals.

Setting a fee for mooring boats over the winter was discussed at council’s finance committee meeting held earlier this week. Council won’t make a decision on this matter until it has been discussed with the entire council.