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Group shelter of Mended Reeds progressing

Work is progressing on a group home in Ironton that will offer shelter for teenage boys.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Work is progressing on a group home in Ironton that will offer shelter for teenage boys.

David Lambert said Mended Reeds is an agency that provides both foster care and adoption services from a "distinctly Christian" view. The agency has a three-tiered approach in the services it will provide.

In January of this year the group started providing foster care and adoption services. Lambert said in the past six months the group has recruited, trained and established several homes for foster care and adoption. The group has also contracted the services of licensed counseling professionals, raised startup funds from local churches and opened their Ironton office.

The second phase will come to fruition once the shelter opens. Lambert said the home will provide a structured environment for "typical children" in foster care. The agency is currently working on the former Shady Brook property located at 803 Vernon St. to develop the home. He said the home, a Victorian-style property built around 1890, will be completely restored to its original condition.

In addition to a paid three-man crew, volunteers are lending a hand – and some elbow grease – in the restoration project.

The Rock Hill JOGS program lended a hand over the last few days providing not only a community service but earning some experience in the carpentry vocation.

JOGS instructor Dan Harmon said any time his group, which includes 24 students, can help on any community service project that gives the students "hands-on training," it’s a plus.

The agency received another financial boost last weekend. First Baptist Church took a love offering for the program which reaped about $1,000 for Mended Reed. Lambert said the money was used for construction supplies.

Although the second phase of the program is in its infancy, Lambert looks forward to future projects and working towards the third phase of the project which is to open a farm-style facility that will provide a long term home for children.