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City budget plans include no layoffs, less carryover

Budget talks continue for Ironton as the deadline to have a temporary budget in place draws near.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Budget talks continue for Ironton as the deadline to have a temporary budget in place draws near.

State law dictates that the city have a temporary budget in place by the year’s end. If not, the city shuts down. Last night, city council’s finance committee approved a temporary budget that will go before council at its Dec. 27 meeting for ratification.

Council chairman Jesse Roberts said the temporary budget that will be brought before council only reflects expenditures, omitting revenue and carryover figures. The temporary budget also only reflects money use for the first three months of 2002. The temporary budget keeps the city going, with all departments fully funded throughout the first quarter of the new year.

Roberts said the temporary budget is limited and only keeps the city operating into 2002. Roberts said it is imperative the city has a permanent budget for 2002 in place by mid-January.

Mayor Bob Cleary also presented his budget proposal to the committee, giving council yet another financial perspective. Cleary’s budget calls for the city’s administration to tighten its belt, but does not include any layoffs.

Cleary said he and his department supervisors have looked at expenses and areas where cuts could be made. He said he also reviewed the financial history and expenditures over the last five years to determine how much money is needed to keep the city running at its current status.

Most of Cleary’s budget cuts stem from reducing expenses in office supplies and utilities, but not from the salary line items, and spending over half of the city’s carryover money from this year. Going into 2002, the city will have over a half-million dollars carried over from this year. That money, in Cleary’s budget proposal, would be reduced to about $165,000 at the end of 2002 going into 2003 fiscal year.