Child Welfare Club’s annual Eddy test slated for Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 17, 2002

In two days, 35 city students will grab their pencils and put their knowledge to the test.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

In two days, 35 city students will grab their pencils and put their knowledge to the test.

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The annual Child Welfare Club’s Eddy Test will be held Tuesday. The organization describes the test as a "scholastic achievement test for selected Ironton Middle and St. Lawrence schools."

To qualify for the test, students at the two city schools must do well on the Ohio Off-Grade Proficiency Tests. Standard scores in reading, math, citizenship, and science were totaled and ranked at the test’s completion. For St. Lawrence students, the composite scores from any nationally recognized standardized test that measures scores in all core classes is used to determine eligibility.

The top 25 percent of sixth-grade students as of the end of the first semester from both schools are eligible for the testing.

Students in the top one-third of all Eddy Test participants will receive an Eddy Award at a banquet later this year.

This year’s test participants include:

St. Lawrence School: Mary Katherine Fugitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fugitt; Charliegh Haas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Haas; and Tyler Sesher, son of Ms. Mitzi Sesher and Mr. Dave Sesher.

Ironton Middle School: Lorenzo Akers, son of Virginia Vazquez; Ryan Allen, son of John and Cathy Allen; Mary Katherine Bowen, daughter of Tony and Patty Bowen; Charles M.A. Browning, son of Beth A. Browning; Marc Carter, son of Randall and Aleesha Carter; Zach Christensen, son of Ken and Jamie Christensen; Anthony Clark, son of Tony and Neta Clark and Cathy Clark; Joseph Crowe, son of Tony and Ruth Crowe; Caitlin Allanah Hart, daughter of Ken and Beth Hart; Calle Kehoe, daughter of John and Marta Kehoe; Drew Kuehne, son of Paul and Lisa Kuehne; Stevy Light, daughter of Arthur and Peggy Light; Cory McKnight, son of Jennifer and Rich McKnight; Rachel Mize, daughter of David and Adair Mize; Sasha Mobley, daughter of Jason Mobley and Shirlene Dalton; Samantha Jo Morgan, daughter of Roger and Yvonne Morgan; Ashley E. Moritz, daughter of Gary L. and Vicki L. Moritz; Rebecca Pack, daughter of Mark and Dru Pack; Travis Pennington, son of Cheri Pennington; Kathryn Rath, daughter of William and Deanna Rath; Versi Reeves, daughter of Michelle and Danny Allen and Earl Reeves; Nicholas Rodgers, son of Chris and Penny Rodgers; Wessly Runyon, son of Penny and Darin Runyon; Grace Seward, daughter of John and Carol Seward; Travis Shope, son of Jim and Melissa Shope; Megan Southworth, daughter of David Southworth and Angie Southworth; Craig Allen Stamper, son of Mark and Michelle Stamper; Anthony Aaron Stephenson, son of Robert and Robin Stephenson; Katie Stewart, daughter of Leonard and Londa Stewart; Jessica Waddle, daughter of Jeff and Mary Waddle; Joshua Tyler Walker, son of Jolinda Walker; and Kayla Wileman, daughter of Robert and Kim Wileman.