Sunday alcohol sales at Docksides grill shot down by narrow margin

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 9, 2002

It was the slimmest of margins: an issue to allow the Dockside grill in downtown Ironton to sell alcohol on Sunday appears to have been defeated by only three votes.

When the votes in the Ironton 2A precinct were tallied, the issue claimed 20 votes, with 23 cast in opposition to the idea.

Dockside Grill owner Robert Johnson said since the votes haven’t been validated yet, he isn’t ready to concede defeat.

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Johnson said the issue would have given him the same opportunity to make money that business owners around him already have.

Johnson obtained his liquor license in 1982, after new laws took effect requiring Sunday alcohol sales to be put to a vote.

Business owners who obtained their license before 1982 are not required to do this.

&uot;A number of people want to have receptions, parties, reunions here on Sunday,&uot; Johnson said. &uot; The way the laws are right now, I can’t have anyone here consuming alcohol on Sunday. All I want is the same opportunity as everyone around me.&uot;

Two fire levies on the ballot fared better. Perry Township voters approved a one mil replacement levy 195-148.

Aid Township precincts One and Two approved a replacement fire levy that adds a half a mil current levy, bringing the total levy to two mils. The final tally was 73 in favor of, and 58 against the issue. Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune