Ironton grad doesn#039;t miss a day of school #045;#045; ever

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 7, 2002

When Bryan Rowe walked across the stage to receive his diploma Sunday at the Ironton High School graduation commencement, he ended an attendance record few students can boast of.

Rowe never missed a day of school -- ever. From kindergarten through his senior year, Rowe has been at school every day. All day.

Ironton’s attendance policy is strict -- students may not leave early or be more than five minutes late to claim perfect attendance.

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But even that hasn’t been a problem for the punctual Rowe. He’s never been late, and never left early, either.

He was even one of five seniors who showed up for class on senior skip day -- the rest of his class took an unscheduled day off.

"I’ve never really been sick or anything,&uot; Rowe said of his spotless record. "There was never really a reason for me not to go. School was fun, I’ll kind of miss it now.&uot;

Rowe said he doesn’t think his perfect attendance is any big deal, but his parents do. Bryan and Tammy Rowe say they’re proud of their son.

"I never had trouble getting him up in the mornings,&uot; Tammy Rowe said. "He was always up and he went.&uot;

They proudly point out that his sister, Kimberly, a sophomore, has missed only two days of school.

Rowe said most of his friends never really believed him when he told them he had never missed a day of school.

But last week at a school assembly, he was called on stage to accept a certificate commending him for his perfect attendance.

Along with the certificate, he got a $125. One hundred was for never ever having missed a day of school. The other $25 was for his perfect attendance this year.

"They believe him now,&uot; Tammy Rowe said.

Ironton High School Principal Dean Nance said

in his eight years as an administrator, he’s only seen two kids achieve this record– Rowe, and one other.

"This is the type of kid who’s going to be very employable,&uot; Nance said. "Employers look for people who can be consistent.

He’s very dependable, has a good work ethic.&uot;

Rowe plans to attend either Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, and study X-ray Technology, or Marshall University and study Physical Therapy. Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune