Robinson continues to seek special funding

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 7, 2002

Glenn Robinson needs help and he can't find a helping hand.

Robinson has three years of college under his belt with a major in physical education with a minor in political science. He spent one season as offensive backfield coach for Green Junior High School.

Money has become one problem for Robinson as he tries to complete his degree. But there is one greater problem. Robinson has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth.

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Robinson said he's applied to every agency he can find looking for some assistance including the NCAA. So far, he's met nothing but dead end roads.

"I've been through United Cerebral Palsy of Ohio and they said the only thing I could get is a loan. None of the programs have any grant money for someone who wants to get into athletics, even the national program," said Robinson.

"There are a lot of reasons, but the main reason is money. They say it takes too much money to educate people and make facilities accessible in the playing arena. But there are situations where they can do things easier for a lot less money than they do."

Robinson, 35, is doing a guest spot on the WTSF-Channel 61 to discuss the religious issues. Robinson will represent Dogwood Ridge Freewill Baptist Church of Wheelersburg during taping Monday for the show "Sharing the Light."

But Robinson is hoping to open the door to a television discussion regarding the funding issue in an effort to find a program to assist handicapped individuals obtain jobs in sports related fields, mainly coaching and athletic administration.

"I haven't found any specific funding for people with physical disabilities who want to get into the athletic field," Robinson said. "I've written to people and agencies and they've sent fliers on programs where they offer scholarships, but the only thing remotely resembling my needs is for women and minorities. It's not based on handicapped individuals. It helps women and minorities who want to get into coaching or the like, but not people like myself."

The process has been frustrating for Robinson, but he has continued to search for an answer.

"I want to teach and coach football. I've been turning over every rock I can. I want to find an answer for my problem, but I'm running out of time. I still want to find a way to help others so they won't run into a brick wall," said Robinson. Jim Walker/The Ironton Tribune