Chesapeake board unanimously approves teachers#039; contract

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 22, 2002

CHESAPEAKE-- Monday night, the Chesapeake Board of Education approved a two-year contract for the district's teacher's union.

"We had no hitches or problems," said Samuel Hall, superintendent. "Because this is a multi-year contract, we can now set our minds to educating children."

District teachers will receive a three percent pay increase each year for the next two years, and they can receive tuition reimbursement for college courses, said Larry Morgan, union president.

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The board unanimously approved the contract, 5-0.

If a teacher takes an approved education course and receives at least a "B," the district can reimburse 50% of the tuition. $5,000 is available each year of the contract for the teachers, he added.

Ninety-four percent of the teachers approved the contract, Morgan said.

These negotiations were also the first union negotiations with Hall, who officially began his duties Aug. 1.

"He did an excellent job for his first time," said Carl B. Lilly, board president. "He and Mr. Morgan worked very well together."

Hall said the last meeting with the union representatives lasted two-and-a-half hours. However, differences between the two groups were resolved.

"Our new superintendent showed that teachers and students were very important," said Morgan.

Also, Hall is enjoying his new job.

"It's a pleasure to get up and go to work every day," he said. "I love it. Every day, there's new challenges, and it's exciting. The people in Chesapeake have been great." Amelia Pridemore/The Ironton Tribune