Duke set to give money to county

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 15, 2002

There will likely be some smiling faces at this week's Lawrence County Commission meeting.

Company officials from Duke Energy are expected to attend the meeting and present a $3.9 million check, the first of 13 annual payments the company will make to the county under its tax abatement agreement reached last year.

The largest portion of the payment, $3.7 million, will go to retire the bond levy for the Rock Hill School District. Hamilton Township, the Lawrence County Board of Health, the Lawrence County Board of Mental Retardation/ Developmental Disabilities and the county will share the rest of the money.

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Under the agreement, the Collins Career Center will share in the payments beginning in 2005.

The total payments scheduled for all tax entities involved will approach $14 million over the next 13 years.

"At the last report, 1,400 union construction workers were working there, currently making the Duke Energy project the largest employer in the county," Lawrence County Commission President Jason Stephens said.

When the $600 million project is completed in June of next year, it will employ approximately 30 people, according to company estimates.