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Halleck says jobs is his No. 1 priority in bid for 6th District seat

With his background in small business and his connection to the Lawrence County area he calls home,

Mike Halleck feels pretty good about his chances to represent the 6th District in Congress.

Jobs, without question, are his number one priority, he said.

"I have plans for jobs and I will help create them," he said. "This has been a hallmark of my career."

If elected, his first two goals will be to establish the first Congressional office in Lawrence County and to arrange for an economic development specialist in the district to attract jobs to the area, he said.

"People reach out to me because I live here and spent my life here," he said. "I know small businesses and think Southern Ohio is longing for a change."

As a county commissioner in Columbiana County, he was able to take the county from the verge of bankruptcy to the largest cash balance in the county's history. All without raising taxes, he said.

During more than 20 visits in the last six months, Halleck has spent much of his time campaigning to businesses and industries such as trucking companies, land developers and coal industry. He is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

"It is time to bring Southern Ohio into a new era and keep some of our young people at home," he said.

In these troubled times, our nation's security is something that concerns him greatly. We need to make better use of the National Guard to shore up America's borders, he said.

"If we are not careful we are going to set up another generation of kids to go through a Cold War and live through an era of terror."

Supporting a prescription drug plan for seniors is something he and his opponent have in common.

"We should not expect senior citizens to make life or death decisions against paying utility bills and putting food on the table," he said.

Equally important, is the the protection of veterans who paid for our freedom with their blood, sweat and tears. He supports the National Veterans Health Card, he said

"I would like to see veterans be able to go to hospitals, doctors and drug stores of their choice," he said.

As a member of the National Rifle Association, Halleck supports making the concealed carry law

federal so that "every state plays by the same set of rules."

If the people of Lawrence county vote for him, they can expect a hard-working responsive representative, he said.

"They would have a Congressman that does what he says, says what he is going to do and can take it to the bank."

His unique background allows him to see issues from non-partisan points of view, he said.

"I am a different kind of Republican. I am a product of a union household," he said. "I am an independent thinker and I would vote what is best for my district."

Halleck said that he had to leave this area when he was 25 for economic reason and this opportunity gives him a chance to come and give something back.

He is a graduate of Fairview High School in Westwood, Ky.

Among other jobs, he worked as manager at Gablers Department Store in Ironton.

"Lawrence County has a challenge ahead," he said. "We have to look to small business to create a viable job base. It will take training, funding and help on a federal level to accomplish these things."