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Malone wants to bring proactive, positive philosophies to courthouse

A proactive candidate who is committed to the people -- that is the way Doug Malone hopes voters will view him when they cast their ballots for Lawrence County Commissioner.

Malone, a Democrat, said he has a positive outlook on the area's future and a winning attitude that is needed to create economic growth and to solve other problems that plague Lawrence County.

"If you don't have high expectations, if you aren't positive, you're not going to get anything," Malone said. "If you don't set lofty goals, the goals you reach will be low ones. We deserve better, but we've got to expect better."

Malone said if he is elected, he wants to put together a plan that would outline, step by step, the direction the county will take over the course of the next five or so years to improve economic and other conditions.

"Most problems can be fixed," Malone said. "There are so many things a commissioner can do if he is involved and proactive."

Malone, a sales representative with Western Southern Life Insurance, said his 15 years of experience in business, including 5 years in management, could be put to good use in recruiting new business and industry to Lawrence County.

He also has 4 years experience as clerk for Perry Township, and 11 years experience as a township trustee.

Malone said he also wants to work closely with businesses that are already here and to find out what their needs are. Malone said it is essential to know ahead of time if a business is having financial hardship so action can be taken to help its recovery and to protect the jobs that would be lost if the business closes its doors.

Another issue Malone would like to address is illegal dumping and general cleanliness. Malone said he would like to see eyesores torn down and trash picked up to make the county more attractive to the those who are here now and to those who may someday call the area home.

"We've got to get something going to clean up Lawrence County," Malone said. "Other than a few tire piles, the trash is still there. Old buildings and junk cars hurt our image. I don't think we will attract too many big businesses and industries unless we do something.

"They won't want to fly people into a place with ratty buildings and such. There are no teeth in the litter laws. We do need transfer stations, but not in locations where they would infringe on people's property and business."

Malone said, if elected, he would also keep an eye on the county's expenditures in an effort to cut waste and make government more efficient.

"I'm going to do the job I was elected to do, not hire someone else to do it," Malone said. "If we create a position on the county payroll, it ought to be a job that will attract more jobs.

"All decisions will be made for the betterment of the people, not just parties or special interest groups. I will take responsibility for my failures as well as my successes. I am totally committed to the people of Lawrence County."

Malone faces incumbent Republican Paul Herrell for the commission post.