Union agrees to lease two boat docks

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 5, 2002

UNION TOWNSHIP-- A problem has been solved, and the solution carries a lot of potential.

Union Township Trustees expect to sign a lease this week with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use the Symmes Creek boat dock in Chesapeake and the Indian Guyan boat dock in Braddrick. The lease does not cost the township any money and may be developed as recreational areas in the future.

Township Trustee Terry Porter said he and fellow trustees Rick Gue and Mike Curry had been wrestling with the issue of where to store the township's road equipment and where they might put winter salt reserves.

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"We were talking about buying a piece of property. Right now we keep the tractors and a road grader at an employee's house. If he retires or gets sick, then what do we do?" Porter said.

The three trustees discussed the situation with Lawrence County Commission President Jason Stephens, who told them that the county had leased the boat docks from the federal government, but does not need the property anymore. The lease between the Corps of Engineers and the township would be for 15 years.

The Township may be allowed to fence in an area to store equipment at either site, and may be allowed to use a carport to shield the items from the weather.

"The only thing we have to do is keep it mowed, and clean up after any flooding," Porter said.

Porter said Lawrence County Juvenile/Probate Judge David Payne and Lawrence County Municipal Court Judge Donald Capper may allow the use of community service workers, when available, to perform grounds keeping duties this summer.

Porter said the township may be able to develop the sites as recreational areas.

"You can get grants for these things," Porter said. "We may be able to fix them up, make parks there."

The Indian Guyan boat dock has 11 acres along the Ohio River and the Symmes Creek boat dock has six acres.