Ironton Fire Department to host auction

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 12, 2002

Citizens will have the opportunity to search for a piece of history as the Ironton Fire Department hosts a city auction at noon Saturday as the building is cleaned out before it will be torn down.

"Right now, we are setting up for a heck of a yard sale," Chief Tom Runyon said. "We have 100 years worth of stuff. It might be good for people looking for a piece out of time"

Items in the auction will include old sections of hose, fire fighters' tools, axes, helmets, rescue equipment, desks, office furniture, air conditioners and more.

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Anything that is still certified gear will be kept and some items have been donated to other departments within the city like the waterworks, police and sewer departments, he said.

Runyon and the fire fighters will keep some nozzles, helmets, gear and the original light off the chief's car that they will use to create a historical display in the new station.

Mayor Bob Cleary said there should be something for anyone interested in Ironton's history.

"There is definitely some collectors items for people that want old Ironton memorabilia," Cleary said.

The goal is to get the fire department emptied as quickly as possible and bidders will have to bid on some items in place and must make their own arrangements for them to be removed, Cleary said.

Items from throughout the city will also be added to the auction and may even include a couple of vehicles such as the old fire inspector's car and the police department's "war wagon" truck, Cleary said.

Runyon said the department has its work cut out to be ready for the auction on Saturday and officially out of the building on Monday.

"Hopefully we will be ready by then," he said. "We do not have much choice, we have got to get moved."

To make way for construction of a new fire station the contractors will begin demolishing the existing building Monday. For the next year, the Ironton Fire Department will operate out of a temporary station set up in a 60 foot trailer next to the city's municipal garage.