Vital water line in Coal Grove to be replaced this year

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 20, 2003

Replacing the 12-inch line from Coal Grove's water plant to its storage tower is the first step of what Mayor Tom McKnight hopes will be major improvements to the village's water system in 2003.

"This line has been an area of concern for a number of years," he said. "It was (installed) in 1971 and has been repaired numerous times."

Running from the water plant on Riverside Drive to the water storage tank at the top of Brammer Drive, the connection is vitally important to maintaining the village's water flow.

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"When that line breaks we lose water both ways -- from the plant and the tank," he said.

McKnight said they have been trying to get this section replaced for at least three years but it has been difficult because a lack of funding and the fact that it runs underneath the railroad tracks.

Norfolk Southern railroad has approved the construction project, McKnight said.

"The line has just been repaired so many times it is more susceptible to blowouts," he said. "Instead of putting on a band-aid this will just be another problem out of the way.

The replacement will not change the water pressure or quality of water

but will save the village money because the expenses of time, loss of water and manpower it takes to make the repairs.

The project is out to bid right now and bids will be opened February 18. The project could be awarded at the following council meeting.

Overall, McKnight said he believes the project should only take about a week. The actual connections will be made in one day to insure that village residents are without water for only a short time.

The village already has $25,000 appropriated from Community Development Block Grants for the line replacement. McKnight said he hopes that the funds will be sufficient because the village does not have the money to add to the project.

The Lawrence County Board of Commissioners awarded the village $125,000 towards the $304,000 water plant improvement project. The village will apply for the remaining $179,000 to pay for air strippers and other improvements.

McKnight said the application has passed the initial phase and he is optimistic the village will receive the funding this year after being denied for the past three.