Two students know what freedom means

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 30, 2003

Two Lawrence County students know exactly what freedom means to them.

Ten-year-old Kara Jordan, a 5th grader at St. Lawrence Elementary, won 3rd place in the fifth and sixth grade class of the Ohio Elk's South Central Districts' "What Does Freedom Mean to Me?" essay contest.

Stephanie Meyers, a 13-year-old 8th grader at Ironton Junior High School, won 2nd place in the class for seventh and eight-graders.

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Both girls and their families were excited about the opportunity they had and the chance to move on to the state competition.

"I said that everyone should have freedom and everyone should be treated equally," Jordan said. "That is how it is supposed to be."

Jordan said she was most proud that judges liked what she thought should be included.

Her father Kenton Jordan said he could not be more proud of his daughter.

"It was a pleasant surprise," he said of her placing and winning a $150 savings bond. "She enjoys working on the computer and has done two or three projects, but this is the first type of competition. We are happy and are going to see how far it can go."

Meyers and her parents, Deanna and Mike, were also elated by the opportunity and the $250 second-place prize.

"I wrote that I was an American and that gives us freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition," Stephanie Meyers said. "Freedom means a lot to me. I think it makes up most of (who we are)."

Meyers said she thinks freedom of speech is the most important because it allows people to say what they feel.

Deanna said writing has always came naturally to Stephanie.

"She has always been able to write essays about how she feels," Deanna said. "It is a big honor for her and she was very excited."

The essays were submitted by the B&PO of Elks Lodge No.177 in Ironton and will now move on to the state competition that consists of eight districts and 96 lodges.

The top three places in each age category will then move on to the national competition, said John W. Chappelear, Americanism chairman for the South Central District.