Child Welfare Club#039;s Eddy Test set for Thursday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 5, 2003

On Thursday, 45 city students will grab their pencils and put their knowledge to the test.

The annual Child Welfare Club's Eddy Test will be held Thursday. The organization describes the test as a scholastic achievement test for selected Ironton Middle and St. Lawrence schools.

To qualify for the test, students at the two city schools must do well on the Ohio Off-Grade Proficiency Tests. Standard scores in reading, math, citizenship and science were totaled and ranked at the completion of the tests. For St. Lawrence students, the composite scores from any nationally recognized standardized test that measures scores in all core classes is used to determine eligibility.

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The top 25 percent of sixth grade students as of the end of the first semester from both schools are eligible for the testing.

Students in the top one-third of all Eddy Test participants will receive an Eddy Award at the banquet later this year.

This year's test participants include Caleb Blackburn, son of Greg and Lora Bryant; Jessica Conroy, daughter of Joe and Judy Conroy; Ashley Gannon, daughter of Sharon Gannon; Chad Harvey, son of Mark and Andrea Harvey; Katie Schwab, daughter of John and Tamara Schwab, all of St. Lawrence School.

Participants from Ironton Middle School include Lukus Aldridge, son of Wendie Aldridge; Dwight Joseph Blackburn II, son of Carla Childers and Joe Blackburn; Shayla Bradshaw, daughter of Victor and Gypsy Bradshaw; Laura Stewart, daughter of Kent and Becky Stewart; Jessica D. Brown, daughter of Randy Brown and Kim Delawder; Megan Nicole Cade, daughter of Kimberly Bayes and Mark and Maggie Cade; Chelsa Cochran, daughter of Tim and Trina Cochran; Staci Cochran, daughter of James and Terri Cochran; Samantha Cothron, daughter of Terri Robinson; Aspen N. Cunningham, daughter of Tom and Kathy Cunningham; Marissa Delong, daughter of Paul and Sherry Delong; Anthony Edens, son of Patricia Edens; Eric J. Edens, son of Angela Waddell Wagoner and Jimmy Edens; Cinnamon Fletcher, daughter of Joe and Monica Fletcher; Caleb Matthew Hammond, son of Jerry and Faye Hammond; Lucas Harbolt, son of Terry and Judy Harbolt; Lisa Jackson, granddaughter of Barbara Jackson; Jamie Jenkins, daughter of James and Kandee Hamilton; Michael Kennedy, son of Annette and Ron Neal; Nathan Kerns, son of Jeff and Heather Kerns; Whitney Lawson, daughter of Alan Lawson; Amber Lewis, daughter of James and Joni Lewis; Cody Matthew Lynd, son of Teresa Lykins and James Lynd; Blake McBride, son of Mike and Kristi McBride; Zach McCarty, son of Ralph and Dana Carr; Samantha Meyers, daughter of Mike and Deanna Preston; Jonathan Monnig, son of Bob and Cathy Monnig; William Moore, son of Ben and Lisa Moore; Gage Murphy, son of Frank and Jeanny Murphy; Kayla Parker, daughter of Dennis and Sarabeth Parker; Kathryn Pyles, daughter of Robert and Elaine Pyles; Crystal Rice, daughter of Bruck and Cassandra May; Brice Roach, son of Bruce and Vicki Roach; Brad Anthony Roberts, son of Charlie and Laurie Roberts; Jamie Rodgers, daughter of Chris and Penny Rodgers; Jade Shope, daughter of Krinda and Danny Shope; Steven T. Sinnott, son of James T. and Freda L. Sinnott; Erik Stewart, son of Vicki Stidham and Preston Stewart; Timothy Thomas, son of Timothy and Mary Thompson; and Carmyn Whitt, son of Rodney Whitt.