Paintings of Bicentennial barn to help cemetery

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 11, 2003

LINNVILE-- One good cause is about to help another.

The Linnville Cemetery Association is selling copies of a painting of Lawrence County's Bicentennial barn. The proceeds will help the association pay for a chain link fence around the cemetery.

Doris Higgins, who is both owner of the barn chosen for the Bicentennial honor and is treasurer of the cemetery association, said 135-140 copies of the painting are now on sale.

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"We wanted to put a fence around the cemetery, and we decided if we sold the pictures we could have enough money to do it," Higgins said. "If we sell all the pictures we'd raise $6,750. The fence costs around $8,000, but we have the extra money for the project.

"This is something that will benefit the community. This is an old cemetery and quite a few people are buried there in this cemetery."

Artist Janet Balliett Waggoner of Westerville painted the picture after the logo for the state's 200th birthday was painted on the barn this summer. Higgins said the painting also features her model 8N Ford tractor.

"She (Waggoner) asked me if there was anything else I wanted in the picture, and I said 'I don't know, is there anything you suggest?' And she said some people like to use old farm equipment and I said that I had this old tractor. I had someone tell me they would buy a picture because it had the tractor in it," Higgins said.

Each picture is numbered and signed by the artist. It includes a print of the special postal cancellation offered at the barn painting by the Willow Wood Post Office.

The cost of each copy is $45. To buy a copy,

call Higgins' Chevrolet at 532-0405, or Doris Higgins at 867-5429.