Schug completes career of consistency for Redmen

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 9, 2003

PEDRO -- David Schug accomplished quite a lot during his career for the Rock Hill Redmen, and he put up some impressive numbers.

But if someone was to describe Schug in one word, it would have to be consistency.

"He's averaged 20 points a night for three years. He's never had a game where he scored 50, but he never had a game where he was scoreless. Every night you knew what you were going to get," Rock Hill coach Marty Mills said.

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Schug finished with 1,385 career points for a 17.1 scoring average. His posted scoring averages of 19.2, 21.0, and 19.3 the past three seasons despite being the main defensive focus of opposing teams.

The added pressure didn't bother Schug.

"I just try to stay in the flow of the offense and not force anything. What goes, goes, and what doesn't, doesn't. Good offensive players let the game come to them," Schug said.

Besides his scoring, Schug had nearly 500 rebounds and averaged 7.0 and 8.5 the past two years, respectively.

But Schug wasn't just about scoring. He had more than 300 career assists and averaged 6.0 his senior year when he was moved to point guard out of necessity. While other players might not like making a position change, Schug welcomed the opportunity.

"I like handling the ball. I like making passes in the open court. I'd rather pass the ball. It's more tiring with someone up in your face all the time, but I think it's been better off," Schug said.

"There's times when you play against certain teams and certain defenses that change your thinking. (At point guard) you're more open and I do look more to see open people. When you get your team more involved it helps break down the defense. There were times I felt I needed to take over. It all depended on how well we were playing."

Mills said the 6-foot-1 Schug was excellent at the point guard position, but it was almost a drawback. He said the senior captain would sometimes become too unselfish when the team needed more scoring from him.

"Other coaches tell me that Dave is the best player they've gone against so far," Mills said. "He was a very unselfish player. He played point guard and he could have shot every time, but he tried to get everyone involved. He had to do a lot more by handling the ball and running the offense than in the past and still put up impressive numbers."

Schug joined the 1,000-point club the first game of his senior year. Despite the feat, he took it all in stride.

"It's a big accomplishment and it made me feel good. But I couldn't do it without teammates. You can't do thing by yourself. And my coach (Mills) has helped me to learn how to use screens," Schug said.

With high school basketball behind him, Schug is now turning his attention toward the collegiate level. He wants to play college basketball, but understands that his role in college will be different than high school.

"I want to play somewhere if I get chance. My role would be difference. I wouldn't be a scorer. I'd probably play outside. I'm not a big jumper and that might hurt me at the college level," Schug said.

"But I have a mind for the game and that will helped me. The players are going to be better. You just have to work hard. I'll have to work

hard in offseason to get faster and quicker."

After college, Schug would like to incorporate the sport into his career as a teacher by becoming a basketball coach.

"I want to go where I can play and learn the game. I love the game of basketball. I want to stay involved with it," Schug said.

Basketball and David Schug. Now that's consistency.