South Point spring cleanup nearing

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 10, 2003

SOUTH POINT - In two weeks, the village of South Point will take out the trash - tons of it.

From April 21 to April 25, the village will have its annual spring cleanup, in which village workers, employees of Lawrence County Municipal Court and BFI will be out in full force, collecting almost every type of trash available.

"You put it out, we'll pick it up," Mayor Bill Gaskin said.

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With the exception of tires and gas tanks, village residents can place almost any item outside their residences, including old appliances and furniture. The village will also pick up brush, which will be grinded up.

Gaskin advised residents to have their trash ready for pickup on their regular garbage days, whether it be Monday or Wednesday. If anyone, particularly the elderly and disabled, cannot move anything he or she would like to have disposed, Gaskin advised calling the mayor's office. Members of the South Point Volunteer Fire Department will move it, he said.

The village's two cleanup weeks, in the spring and fall, began approximately 20 years ago to give residents a way to get rid of their junk.

"During the first few years, we picked up a lot of old magazines that had been around for about a hundred years," Gaskin said. "It works pretty good."

"We pick up many, many, many tons of trash," he said.

Some trash is immediately hauled to landfills in Chesapeake or in Kentucky, but some is dumped near the location of the old swimming pool to be bulldozed first, Gaskin said.

However, some out-of-towners have taken advantage of South Point's service to its residents.

"I believe some people cheat," Gaskin said. "When you see three or four couches outside someone's house, you know all of them didn't come out of there."

If "cheaters" are caught, they will be told to remove their trash and could be fined for littering or illegal dumping, Gaskin said.