Tax return clock is ticking

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 14, 2003

During the next two days, the lines at local post offices and tax service offices will seem like lines for front-row tickets to an Aerosmith concert as Uncle Sam knocks on some people's doors -- loudly.

"We've been really busy," Sue Robinson, owner of the Ironton Dantax, said Friday. "We've handled 100 people over the past couple of days, at least."

Today, Robinson said she expects 25-30 customers to visit and expects 40-50 tomorrow, although predicting the amount of customers is difficult.

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Local post offices are also gearing up.

"We're getting busier, but Monday through the 15th, we'll be really busy," Greg Dodson, delivery supervisor for the Ironton Post Office said.

To handle customers filing their taxes at the last minute, the post office will have three clerks working at windows instead of two as the deadline approaches, Dodson said. However, the post office will have extended business hours.

"We get some lines. It backs up pretty good in the lobby," Dodson said.

Monday, South Point resident Tony Webb was filing his taxes.

"We haven't had the time," he said. "We both work, so we had to take the morning off to come and do it. We've had no time."

Normally, Webb and his wife have their taxes completed earlier. This year, Webb changed jobs after the business he worked for shut down. Now, he is self-employed.

Even though Uncle Sam is knocking on his door, Webb said he is not stressed.

"You either make it or you don't," he said. "I've been rich. I've been poor. I handle it either way. You can sit around and worry about it or get out and get it done."