Early Childhood Center balloons travel far

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 21, 2003

SOUTH POINT- Two weeks ago, children at the Lawrence County Early Childhood Center released balloons as part of their "Week of the Young Child" festivities.

No doubt, the children dreamed their balloons would travel far far away, and wind up in the hands of a potential new friend. That may have just happened, four times over.

Childhood center director Sue Vanderhoof said she has gotten phone calls from four people, telling her they have found a balloon. All of the people live at least 300 miles away. Two landed 600 miles or more from South Point.

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The first person to call

was Timmy Jenette of Clarksville, Tenn., who said he found a balloon while turkey hunting in

Cheatham County, Tenn. Cheatham County is 650 miles from South Point.

The second balloon landed in the front yard of James Cansler of Russellville, Ala., a town on the Alabama-Mississippi border, 600 miles from Lawrence County.

The third balloon found its way to Owingsville, Ky., not far from Lexington. And the fourth balloon went 300 miles east to Frostburg, Md., where Doug McKenzie found it in on the lawn of his business.

"We've been so excited," Vanderhoof said. "This has never happened to us before."

Each balloon contained a note asking the finder to call or write and acknowledge they found one of the brightly colored orbs. Each balloon finder will get a note from the kids and a childhood center T-shirt. Vanderhoof said she hopes the finders will send back a photograph of themselves and short notes telling something about themselves.

"I think it's neat that we've connected this way. It's amazing the balloons went as far as they did."