What next?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2003

A mini-rush took place between 9 a.m. and noon yesterday at the Workforce Development Center in downtown Ironton.

Eleven people came in, some upset, some still still in shock. On Tuesday they had been employees of Applied Card Systems in Russell, Ky. On Wednesday, they were unemployed when the facility was closed.

Bill Jett, services coordinator for WDRC, said

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hope exists for the newly dislocated workers.

"There is a tremendous amount of services for these workers," Jett said. "They just have to come in and let us help them."

Jett said the one-stop concept makes it easy for unemployed people to navigate the hurdles of getting help. They are able to apply for unemployment benefits and look for a new job at the same time. Jett said each person who comes in for assistance is looked at as an individual and WDRC staff tries to find the best assistance to meet each person's individual needs.

Jett said Eva Christian, WDRC's job developer, is in daily contact will employers throughout the Tri-State to acquire information on any positions they have available.

Some new job positions are posted on a huge bulletin board on a wall at the resource center. Those seeking that new job may also go online at the resource center to look for jobs locally and across the country in a variety of fields.

"There are tremendous sites out there that the average person may not know about. We have people here who can help them with this process," Jett said. "Some of the employers these days prefer (to get) resumes and applications by e-mail. The staff here knows how to fill out applications correctly."

Those who need help creating a resume or filling out applications can find this assistance at the one-stop as well.

"We even have a program to help people brush up on their typing skills," Jett said.

Brenda Bailey of Ironton took advantage of some of the one-stop services Wednesday afternoon. The former ACS customer service representative said after the initial shock wore off, she decided to get busy looking for other prospects.

"I thought I'd put in some applications and just hope, like everyone else," Bailey said. "I'd like to work at Cingular if I could get on there. I've thought about going back to school. I have three-and-a-half years toward a degree in elementary education. I might try to finish and get my degree so I can teach."

Jett said workers who want to retrain for other jobs or further their education may find resources available to help them.

The Ohio and West Virginia job services are planning a job fair for May 21 at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, WVa. More information will be available about the job fair in the near future.