Voyage into adulthood by acting like an adult

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Tribune editorial staff

May is the worst month of the year for parents of teen-agers. Spring fever is an epidemic, prom night is just around the corner and graduation is on the horizon.

Unfortunately, all of these events have a common bond - they usually involve parties, which often includes experimental drinking among teens. Worst still, when drinking is involved so is its fatal partner, driving.

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We know that these are all times of celebration for those on the brink of adulthood. It is also a good time to act responsibly like adults.

Proms give teens an opportunity to live in a "grown-up" world for an evening. Students get to wear formal attire, and usually dine at a nice restaurant before heading to the big dance. Too often, though, acting "grown up" includes drinking alcohol.

Parental involvement has led to improved awareness and efforts to attempt to reduce drunk driving on prom night. A group of parents at Ironton High School, for example, is again offering an after prom party at Spare Time Recreation Saturday. This event will keep a number of students off the roads on prom night, and will offer students who attend a good time - alcohol free.

So, we encourage our younger readers to be responsible as the school year winds to a close. You all have spent a good portion of your lives going to school preparing to become an adult. The best thing you can do is act like one.

The one thing adults have over youth is experience. We've all made mistakes, and it is our duty to not only learn from them, but also pass our knowledge on to younger generations. One piece of advice we can give you now is drinking and driving do not mix.

If you choose not to act responsibly,

you run the risk of losing out on the joys of adulthood. You are still young, and have lots of good things ahead, such as college, marriage and children. These are the first days of the rest of your lives, so don't throw it all away by drinking and driving.