Helping will do more than poking fun

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 1, 2003

Tribune editorial staff

The simple sign said volumes, sadly. The sign's message took a shot at the City of Ironton's new economic development director, Matt Ward.

Now we are not writing this to defend Ward, despite his youthful appearance, he is an adult and can defend himself.

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Our problem with the message of the sign goes deeper than a personal attack on Ward.

The message told Ward that Ironton's economy needs more than just a wish list, a reference to Ward's cataloging of vacant buildings and available properties. On the surface, the sign is correct. It is obvious that Ironton needs economic help.

But the message behind the sign, and the message all of the people who rode by and chuckled at the sign, read is only part of the picture.

Anyone can see that Ironton needs more than just a wish list. But the question is: what can we do about it? The days of heavy industry are all but gone in our area. Perhaps they will return one day, but the prospect is unlikely.

Many residents look back to what once was, and that is OK. Remembering our heritage is important.

Perhaps more important than focusing on the past, however, perhaps what Ironton needs more than anything is a change of attitude.

Rather than poking fun at the people who are trying to get something moving in our community, why not help them?

The men, women and children of Ironton need to look around and realize that the best thing they have is each other. The old saying "there is power in numbers" is an old saying because it is so true.

First and foremost among trying to make things better, we need to help one another and stick up for one another. Shop at home, while we still have choices, and remember we must be concerted in our efforts to improve.

Whether or not you totally, 100 percent believe in something, you must ask a greater question: Is this in the best interest of Ironton? The signs are easy to follow.