Proctorville police find bogus money

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 9, 2003

PROCTORVILLE - The Proctorville Police Department has discovered two counterfeit $20 bills in the village.

Approximately four months ago, two bills were found at the village and discovered by two different businesses, Sgt. Jeff Rood said. One bill was not centered properly, the edges were off-center and it had a bluish-green tint. Another looked better on the front, but the back did not look very good, and its ink was smudged.

"A bill from the 1950s will be wrinkled and faded, but it won't smudge," Rood said.

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In one case, a cashier was busy and did not notice that she had received a counterfeit bill, Rood said. However, another business discovered the bill while the customer was at the counter. When police were summoned, the customer, an elderly man, seemed to not know that the bill was counterfeit, Rood said. The man probably received the bill somewhere else innocently and did not notice he had it, police determined.

The police department has no leads at this time, Rood said.

"We're trying, but it's hard when you don't have a starting point," he said.

Rood encouraged cashiers and others to watch the money that is passed along, so police will possibly find a way to catch the person or people making the money. He especially encouraged people to look closely at $20 bills passed to them.