Humphrey shows grand champion chickens

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 10, 2003

ROME TOWNSHIP - Timmy Humphrey, 14, of the Andis Corn Huskers, took home the grand champion and showmanship trophies from the show.

"I was very surprised," Humphrey said about winning.

He also said he did not believe he would get both trophies.

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The first-year participant received the trophies at the Lawrence County 4-H and FFA market chicken show.

Humphrey already has plans for the money he will get at the market animal sale.

"I am going to save some of my money and spend the rest," Humphrey said about his winning money.

Humphrey, a first-year chicken show participant, will also be participating in Showman of Showmen at 1 p.m.Friday.

The reserve champion was Travis Jackson, 14.

Jackson, a fifth-year participant, said that he was not surprised that he won.

"I wasn't surprised, I knew that I had a good pair of chickens," Jackson said.

He will also gain money for his chickens at the market animal sale.

"I am going to put it in the bank to save for car insurance," he said.


4-H club is the Rome Wranglers.

The judge for the show was Diane Waits, a second-year judge for the competition.

"Everyone is really nice and I enjoy working with the kids," she said, adding she thinks

the show was better this year.

"I could tell that they have been taking better care of their chickens this year," she said.

She judged the chickens on their breast meat in the market competition. In the showmanship competition she judged the participants on their knowledge of the chickens.

Waits is a resident of Hillsboro, and has been involved with 4-H for 21 years.