South Point park allows relaxation, respite from chores

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 14, 2003

SOUTH POINT- The cars are flying up and down U.S. 52 at 55 mph.

People in those cars have somewhere to go. Less than a mile away, the pace of life is going at a slower speed. Four-year-old Corey Lester and his sister, 2-year-old Katelynn, stopped to watch the train go by and then turned their attention to the playground.

"We try to come here once a week, sometimes more," their mother, Lois Lester said. "A lot of people use this area except when it's real hot."

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South Point's own little mecca along the Ohio River includes a community center, gazebo, picnic shelter and, of course, the playground.

"I wish they'd open the pool back up," Lester said. "It's been closed for a long time now." As the children run from slippery slide to swings, Mom follows behind.

A couple lounged on the edge of the gazebo as Don Arthur strolled along the walking track Friday, glad for better weather. The sunny skies and low humidity was a welcome change from the dampness earlier in the week. South Point residents took advantage of the change by heading for the park.

"I like to walk the laps," Arthur. "I walk about every day."

At the picnic shelter, a group of kids from Appalachian Children's Ministries are finishing up their snack.

"This park is such an asset," ACM Director Bill VanBibber said. "I've lived a lot of places but I've never found any place as nice to live as South Point."